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Discover Strength in Feminine Energy and Intuition

Are you constantly pushing yourself in business, relying solely on logic and action, while your intuition and emotions take a back seat?

For solopreneurs, the key to an effective and authentic business lies in embracing both masculine and feminine energies, aligning your venture with your true values and identity.

Discover how a balanced approach can lead to better decisions, deeper client connections, and a more fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.

– with guided visualization –

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Here's What You'll Learn:

In this one-hour masterclass, we’re diving into how tapping into your feminine energy can make a real difference in your professional and personal life.

You’ll leave with actionable strategies to enhance your intuition and apply feminine energy in various life scenarios.

Special Feature: A Powerful Guided Visualization

During the masterclass, you will experience a powerful visualization designed to help you reconnect with yourself and tap into your intuition, unlocking new levels of self-awareness and inner strength.

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I'm Dori

As a true manifesting generator, I thrive in diverse roles – from business coach to event organizer, keynote speaker, and more, each role highlighting a unique aspect of my approach to life and business. My experience in organizing intimate retreats and overseeing large-scale events is all about promoting personal and professional development. Recognizing the value of feminine energy in business, I’m committed to encouraging women to harness this alongside their masculine traits.
My passion for empowering women inspired me to create the She Owns It mastermind community. Here, I bring women together, offering them the tools and insights they need to grow, both personally and in their businesses.

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