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Event Planning Checklist


Dive into my ultimate Event Planning Checklist, your must-have guide for turning any event into a standout experience!

This checklist is packed with my top strategies and insider tips, refined from years of crafting unforgettable events.

Download your copy now and start creating events that not only engage but truly resonate with your audience!

Feminine Energy Unleashed


Ever feel like you’re all about hustle and logic in your business, and kinda ignoring your gut feelings and emotions?

As a female solopreneur running your own show, mixing both the go-getter vibe and a bit of intuition can really make your business feel more ‘you.’

Find out how using a bit of both can help you make smarter choices, connect better with your clients, and make your whole business journey more satisfying.

Ultimate Digital Toolkit


Check out my go-to list of online tools that have been game-changers for me!  They’re all in this handy PDF I’ve put together.

These are the tools I use every day to make work smoother and give me more time to focus on growing my business.

Grab your copy from my website and start streamlining your work like a pro!

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I'm Dori

As a true manifesting generator, I thrive in diverse roles – from event strategist, mindset coach, keynote speaker, and more, each role highlighting a unique aspect of my approach to life and business. My experience in organizing intimate retreats and overseeing large-scale events is all about promoting personal and professional development. Recognizing the value of feminine energy in business, I’m committed to encouraging women to harness this alongside their masculine traits.
My passion for empowering women inspired me to create the She Owns It mastermind community. Here, I bring women together, offering them the tools and insights they need to grow, both personally and in their businesses.