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She Owns It

Female Solopreneur Community for heart-centered business owners.

Are you tired of feeling isolated and overwhelmed in your business journey? Struggling to stay true to your own commitments?

Welcome to She Owns It – a community where connection and accountability come together. Here, you’ll connect, grow, and enjoy the journey of working on your business. As you tap into your power and fully own it, our supportive group will be there to keep you accountable to your goals.

Entrepreneurship can often feel like a solo expedition, but at She Owns It, you're never alone.

We are here to support, empower and cheer for each other. It’s a safe place to be seen, heard and understood by other women who not only understand the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship but are also riding it alongside you.

In an ever-changing world, having a consistent group to anchor your life, offering both security and a profound sense of belonging, is vital.

It’s a place where personal development meets business growth.

We recognize that your business is an extension of you. As a solopreneur, your personal progress is key to business success.

 We offer the necessary tools, resources, and support, ensuring you thrive both professionally and personally.

"Dori, you've created a safe space for someone like me, who is just starting out in business, to ask questions, freely without feeling fear or embarrassment, which I really appreciate. It's also the only virtual community that I've belonged to where female entrepreneurship is genuinely celebrated. You've done such a great job of offering everything that a woman in business would need in terms of support, knowledge and also mindset. The coaching exercises you've led really opened my eyes to how I was wasting my time on activities that weren't moving the needle forward. Being in such a supportive environment has really motivated me and empowered me to push past perfectionism and my crippling fear of failing in business. I wouldn't have tried to build a landing page or tackled creating a website if it hadn't been for meeting with your mastermind group on a weekly basis."
Claire Fowler
Nutritional Therapy Practional

Tap into your feminine

In a landscape often dominated by masculine energy, She Owns It encourages you to embrace and lead with your feminine energy.

We believe that traits like empathy, intuition, and vulnerability are not just valuable; they’re superpowers in the world of business.

Here, you’re encouraged to tap into your softness, embrace your vulnerability, and lead from the heart.

Do you struggle with these as well?


Do you find yourself treating your partner or friends as business confidants, discussing every decision with them due to feeling isolated in your business?


Are you constantly questioning your ability to introduce new services or programs, plagued by procrastination and a nagging feeling of not being good enough?


Struggling to keep promises to yourself take consistent action and do the things that really move your business forward?


Do you feel like everyone else has it all figured out, appearing confident and consistent, while you wrestle with doubts and negative thoughts?


Are you endlessly scrolling through YouTube, wasting time without finding specific answers, feeling the need for a direct conversation to solve your business problems more effectively?

Playing Small

Do you get frustrated with yourself for not overcoming the discomfort of stepping up, even when you know it's essential for growth?

How many of these resonated with you, prompting a 'YES'?

Well, you’re not alone. These challenges are familiar to all of us here.

So, release the pressure you’re putting on yourself and let’s embark on a journey of change together.

Now imagine if you could (have)...


Engage in dynamic conversations with fellow members to uncover fresh ideas and smart solutions, spotting opportunities you might have missed on your own.


Cultivate meaningful relationships with supportive women, creating a collaborative space for mutual growth and cheerleading each other's successes and milestones.


Shift from feeling drained and overwhelmed to experiencing excitement, empowerment, and a newfound sense of clarity.


Be part of a community that not only keeps you accountable but also motivates and supports you in consistently stepping out of your comfort zone, fostering personal growth and new experiences.


Shift from overthinking to intuition-led decisions, embodying your inner self. This journey is more than just altering your mindset; it's about fully embodying the new you and embracing holistic transformation in every aspect of your life.


Tap into your feminine strengths by balancing your masculine energy with qualities of softness, intuition, and empathy in your business approach, to enhance overall effectiveness and synergy.

She Owns It is more than a mastermind community; it's a journey to becoming your best self in business and life.

She Owns It is where your challenges are met with collective wisdom, your ideas are nurtured by collaborative minds, and your personal and professional growth is equally prioritized. It’s a safe space where you’re not just heard, but deeply understood—a community where every member is committed to owning their journey.

Are you ready to step up, embrace your full potential, and truly own your entrepreneurial journey?

How does it work?

quarterly goal setting calls

During this call, we'll set goals for the next three months, review your recent achievements, monitor ongoing progress, and identify key priorities. This strategic approach helps ensure a focused and effective pathway towards your goals, aligning your efforts with your long-term vision.

Weekly accountability check-in

During our weekly check-in, each member lists their top three tasks for the week and then shares their accomplishments as the week concludes. This practice promotes a culture of responsibility and celebration, where we recognize and motivate each other's progress and achievements.

Mastermind calls

In our mastermind calls, everyone has a chance in the "hot seat" to discuss their challenges and get help. It's a chance to gain insights and fresh perspectives from others, helping you tackle problems and find new strategies, enriching your approach with the collective wisdom of the group.

Online community

Connect anytime with our online community, utilizing various channels for continuous interaction and support between calls. This platform enables ongoing engagement and idea exchange, strengthening bonds within the community.


Hear from Our Members

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Natália Pepice

Content & Storytelling Strategist

Terra Milo

Digital Marketing Strategist

Lilla Kasztner

Strategic Brand Designer

Uliana Ivaniskaja

Human Desing Expert

Hey there!

I’m Dori, a Mindset Coach, Experience Designer, and International Keynote Speaker.

As a true manifesting generator thriving in diverse roles, my mission is to unite solopreneurs in transformative experiences, both online and offline, equipping them with the necessary tools and insights for holistic growth in their personal and professional lives.

My global experiences have nurtured my ability to cultivate vibrant, growth-oriented communities. At She Owns It, we focus on using feminine energy in business, balanced with masculine traits, to empower women. This approach is key to fostering a nurturing space for shared experiences, continuous learning, and celebrating each milestone in our collective empowerment journey.

Your investment

1 month Trial Membership

  • Quarterly Goal Setting Calls
  • Monthy Mastermind Calls
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Monthly Expert Session
  • Monthly Women's Circle
  • Host a playground session
  • Online Communtiy
  • Learning Hub
  • Exclusive Deals

6 months membership

  • Quarterly Goal Setting Calls
  • Monthy Mastermind Calls
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Monthly Expert Session
  • Monthly Women's Circle
  • Host a playground session
  • Online Community
  • Learning Hub
  • Exclusive Deals

12 months membership

(get 2 months for free)
  • Quarterly Goal Setting Calls
  • Monthy Mastermind Calls
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Monthly Expert Session
  • Monthly Women's Circle
  • Host a playground session
  • Online Community
  • Learning Hub
  • Exclusive Deals

This mastermind is my heartfelt invitation to you.

We’re more than just a group; we are your support system. Here, we all share our stories, cheer each other on, and celebrate our wins, big and small. It’s not just me; every one of us in the community is all about lifting each other up.

I get it, being an entrepreneur can sometimes feel lonely and full of self-doubt. I’ve been there too. That’s why our community is so special. It’s a place where you can find people who really understand what you’re going through. It’s not just about finding business buddies; it’s about building a circle where everyone’s got your back, through the ups and downs.

So, why not join us? Let’s grow together, not just in our businesses, but as people too. It’s all about helping each other rise higher and shine brighter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join even if I’m just about to launch my business?

Yes! Our community is a great place to gain insights and support as you start your entrepreneurial journey.

We’ll review your application to ensure mutual compatibility with our community. Then we’ll get in touch to better understand your goals and aspirations. If we both agree it’s the right fit, you’ll be welcomed to join our community.

We open enrollment a few times a year to focus on welcoming and supporting new members. If enrollment is closed, you can still submit your application, and we’ll notify you when it reopens.

Each month, we host around 3-4 live calls, including goal-setting calls, mastermind sessions, expert-led workshops and women’s circles. The exact number can vary, but there’s always something engaging on the schedule.

No problem at all! Replays are available in the membership portal, so you can catch up at your convenience and still get support from the community.

While our regular calls will always be online, we are committed to organizing an annual retreat. This is a special opportunity for our community members to connect in real life, further strengthening the bonds we build throughout the year.

Yes, we offer a one-month trial membership. This allows you to experience the community and see if it aligns with your needs and goals before committing to a longer membership.

Absolutely! We encourage members to share their expertise, lead discussions, or host workshops. It’s a collaborative space where everyone’s input is valued.

Feel free to reach out to me directly. The best way is to send me a message on Instagram (@dorijuhasz_official) or email me at I’m here to answer any questions you might have!