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Scale with events

The Authority Boost Formula for Coaches, Consultants & Thought Leaders to Amplify Your Influence and Revenue Without Overcomplicated Marketing Tactics

March 20th, Wednesday

6pm (CET)

Join us and learn how organizing events can showcase your expertise, build trust and attract clients who are ready to work with you, all while having more fun than just posting online all the time.

What you will learn

About your host

I’m Dori Juhasz, your go-to expert in event organization, business mentoring, and engaging public speaking.

I’m passionate about bringing people together and creating unforgettable events. As the former Head of Events for Nomad Cruise and Nomadbase, I organized week-long conferences for 400+ location-independent entrepreneurs around the world, including South Africa, Mexico, Croatia just to mention a few. 

During these conferences I’ve personally witnessed and experienced how taking the stage can transform an individual into a recognized leader in their industry and significantly accelerate their business growth.

Inspired by these experiences, I now help coaches, consultants, and thought leaders to leverage events for their business growth. I’m here to walk you through creating well-designed events that not only introduce you to your ideal clients but also drive consistent sales and establish you as a leader in your field.

My approach is centered on strategic planning, tangible outcomes, and creating a lasting impact. Say goodbye to events that people attend and then forget. With my guidance, you’ll craft experiences that resonate, deliver real value, and elevate your status.