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She Owns It


Where Business Meets Empowerment

A FREE online event specifically crafted to empower female founders through powerful sessions focused on both business and personal development. We’re dedicated to providing you with the resources and tools needed to grow your business, while also encouraging you to lead more from your feminine energy, recognizing it as a unique superpower.

December 8th, Friday

3pm – 9pm (CET)

Join us on December 8th for this empowering journey! Experience the flexibility to join us for the entire afternoon or select only the sessions that most intrigue you – the choice is yours to tailor your summit experience!

We recognize the deep connection between you and your business.

As solopreneurs, your journey of personal development is crucial for your business to thrive. For female entrepreneurs, it’s equally important to learn how to lead from your feminine essence, complementing the masculine strategies you might already be familiar with. We aim to encourage you to view intuition and heart-led leadership as strategic and powerful tools, just as vital as knowing how to create a business funnel.

In this value-packed summit, we've carefully curated a mix of sessions that blend personal development with business growth, all designed to enrich your entrepreneurial journey:

Each session is thoughtfully planned to offer a balanced approach to your growth as both an entrepreneur and a person, ensuring you walk away with actionable insights and practical skills.

meet the speakers

Gain invaluable insights and powerful tools from globally renowned leaders and experts.

Dóri Juhász
Business mentor, Event Experience Designer
Terra Milo
Digital Marketing Strategist
Natália Pepice
Content Strategist, Storytelling & Branding
Lilla Kasztner
Strategic Brand Designer
Uliana Ivaniskaja
Human Design Expert
Daria Vodopianova
Public Speaker & TEDx Expert

Meet the host

Dori Juhasz

As a true manifesting generator, I thrive in diverse roles – from business coach to event organizer, keynote speaker, and more, each role highlighting a unique aspect of my approach to life and business. My experience in organizing intimate retreats and overseeing large-scale events is all about promoting personal and professional development. Recognizing the value of feminine energy in business, I'm committed to encouraging women to harness this alongside their masculine traits. This commitment has led me to create a female mastermind community, She Owns It, where I aim to bring women together, providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary for holistic growth both as individuals and as entrepreneurs.

She Owns It! – Female Mastermind Community for heart-centered business owners.

It’s more than just a mastermind group; it’s a journey towards becoming the best version of yourself, both in business and in life.

*She Owns It* is where your challenges are met with collective wisdom, your ideas are nurtured by collaborative minds, and your personal and professional growth are equally prioritized. It’s a space where you’re not just heard, but deeply understood—a community where every member is committed to owning their journey.